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Sami Raffoul, General Manager
Al Fattan Building, 1st Floor
Al Karama, Dubai, P O Box 14680
United Arab Emirates
Tel +971 4 3376696 Fax +971 4 3344456
Tony Proudian, Branch Manager
Bhagedo Center, 5/6 Floor
Siteen Street , P O Box 52728,
Jeddah 21573,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel +966 2 6517405 Fax +966 2 6518527
Tony Proudian, Branch Manager
Mosa Bin Nasser Street, Office No. 2,
Al Siricon Bldg No. 9,
Al Olaya - Riyadh,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel +966 1 4631993 Fax +966 1 4634118
Khaled Shahouri, Branch Manager
Al Rashed Complex, 2nd Floor
Fahad Al Salam Street, P O Box 24744
Safat 13108, Kuwait
Tel +965 2450940/1 Fax +965 2450786
Moussa M Diya, Branch Manager
Radius Consultancy
Al Hilal, D Ring Road
Villa #7, Facing Al Ahli Club
PO Box: 55544, Doha – Qatar
Tel: +974 4762441,4762446
Fax: +974 4762440
Leo Joseph, Branch Manager
101 & 104 Salauddin Building
Po Box 10655
Manama - Bahrain
Tel +973 1 7261124 Fax +973 1 7276612
Safwat Adly, Branch Manager
P O Box 191, PC Code 131
Hamriya, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Tel +968 24702103 Fax +968 24750685
Riad Aref, Branch Manager
Haddad Complex 5 & 6, 1ST Floor
Wasfi Al Tal Street, Po Box 1221
Amman 11821
Tel +962 6 5514649 Fax +962 6 5535002
Dessouky Mustafa, Branch Manager
Apartment No. 22, El Ansar Tower
243 Sudan Street, El Mohadassin,
Cairo, Egypt
Tel +202 33022850/3
Fax +202 3046602
Amal Naim Majdalani, Branch Manager
Noura Center, 7th Floor
P O Box 55307, Sin El Fil
Beirut, Lebanon
Tel +961 1 491406 Fax +961 1 482341
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Designed for anyone who's interested in PR monitoring, media reaction to information and staying up to date on what’s happening in the market. Powered by skilled researchers trained to monitor and sieve the required information from the most exhaustive list of publications from around the Gulf and the Levant. Measure the efficiency of your PR activities through instantly generated online reports.  
Resident System
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  Dynamic cross tabular reporting tool, which allows users to generate different report layouts, like cross tab any field on various variables e.g. Frequency, Impressions and Ad Value are available.
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 Analysis Reports in excel, word and PPT
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With advertising and news media being so diversified in current times, enormous man and money resources need to be expended to track everything that public media reports about your specific industry, company, brand, products, services and those of your competitors within your own geography.

We log every piece of news relevant to your business and your competition. We classify, code, process and report it, as it happens, intelligently.

Newslog® is a premium Media and PR monitoring service in the Arab world, from PARC, offering you this pertinent news data in an organized mode, at a mere click of a button, while providing:

 Online access
 Customized search options
 Online clip management: archiving and printing
 Daily email alerts
 Quantitative and Qualitative analysis

Covering over 1600 publications across the GCC, Pan Arab and Levant markets, our sophisticated monitoring system delivers News Releases, Articles, Features, Product Reviews, Editorials and more right to your desktop. The Easy-access to this sea of information, frees up your staff to focus on more important tasks such as analyzing, and measuring the effectiveness of your communication and subsequently strategizing and implementing.


Newslog Data Includes  

  Kuwait     Pan Arab
  Saudi     Lebanon
  Qatar     Jordan
  Bahrain     Egypt
  UAE     Syria
Daily Newspaper
Weekly Newspaper
Weekly Magazine
Monthly Magazine
Other Magazine
Medias - 1,600 +
Products - 1,00,000 +
Brands - 2,50,000 +

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